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Who am I?

My name is Susanne Heje Myrhøj. I am 58 years old and I have had dogs all my adult life. I am born and raised in Slagelse on Sealand. 28 years ago my husband and I chose to move to Aalborg in the northern part of Jutland. Today I work in Frederikshavn.We live in a house in a very quiet neighbourhood with one of our sons and our three lovely dogs.In 2012 I graduated as a dog trainer with focus on behaviour patterns. I make use of my expereince from this exam every day having 3 lively labradoodles in the house and when walking and playing with the dogs.My passion for Australian Labradoodles started back in 1990, where I watched a television programme about Australian Labradoodles. I completely fell for their many qualities and their charming look. I immediately found this race very interesting, and I still do.We go tour first breeding female Labradoodle from England in 2010. Today we have 4 breeding dogs all genuine Australian Labradoodles and all fantastic dogs.